Delighting Customers

They are your lifeblood. And through Delighting Customers frequently and often, you will drive success to your business or organisation.

The key to
understand here is that Delighting Customers is just that – it is more than satisfying, it is delighting them. Making their journey to you memorable. So, sorry, OK is not enough from now on – ever.

“Every business is built on friendship.”
J. C. Penney

So, it is more, much more than creating a successful transaction. It is about a relationship that is far stronger.

Top Ten Things About Delighting Customers

Think of a time when you went ‘Wow – that experience was something…’. It could have been a call centre, a store or at your doctor’s receptionist. Sometimes, just sometimes, you get such memorable service you want more – and that place is special.

The very best places at Delighting Customers

  1. Have Confidence
    They have people who are at the top of their game because they have the right training and use it in an enlightened culture.
  2. Have Fun
    By encouraging fun with each other, their people have fun with their customers and build happy relationships. This builds for the future.
  3. Do More
    By ‘going the extra mile’, their people show they care – not just superficially – but truly care for their customers
  4. Put Customers First
    No distraction gets in the way of being there for the customer. Great places have people who, come what may, have their customers needs first.
  5. Empower Their People
    In this way, their people are allowed to do anything that gets the very best outcome for their customers. They are encouraged to make sensible decisions to exceed the expectations of their customers.
  6. Workaround Processes
    They realise that whilst processes and systems are important, they are secondary to the needs of their customers.
  7. Are Very Aware
    They sense well. Meaning that they take in behaviours, words, moods and other signs to appreciate customer needs – in the moment; straight away, which strengthens the bond between them.
  8. Follow Through
    They do what they say they will do. Promises are always kept and everyone understands that as a given.
  9. Respond to Feedback
    And as the people are aware, they also pick up signals and signs. Where change is necessary, they respond urgently. They understand accountability and nothing slips by.
  10. Treat Their Own People Very Well
    In such organisations, their people are always treated well and there is a culture of trust and honesty. No one is ever blamed, though lessons are learned and in a supportive and generative way. This is reflected in their work with customers

Ten Ways to be Better at Delighting Customers

  1. Empower Your People
    Give free rein to all of your people to do anything that makes your customer service special.
  2. Don’t ‘Sell’ – Offer Solutions
    Be flexible in your approach – sometimes don’t make a sale. But offer solutions in the best interest of your customer. Be really nice people!
  3. Do Something More
    And when you’ve offered the solution, do even more. One last act; one extra mile – think it through – let your people own their unique solutions. Trust them.
  4. Be Interested in Them
    Listen well to your customers – get interested in what’s important to them – even if it’s not related to a sale. But do it very, very well with sincerity.
  5. See Their Point of View
    Get to the bottom of what issues your customer has – and however challenging it might be, see their point of view – put yourself in their position.
  6. Watch from a Distance
    Truly experience your customers journey in your business. Actually experience it! Call the call centre, pay at the till, observe the service standards – then get to the source of issues you uncover – the true source and fix it.
  7. Bend the Rules
    Give your people license to include customers in bending the rules a little. Let your people ‘cheat’ your systems a bit, and let the customer in on it!
  8. Fix Things
    When you are hearing or seeing things that are wrong, respond positively and quickly and let your customers know what you’ve done. Thank them for their involvement. Use complaints as a really exciting and positive thing to help you grow and improve – celebrate them! If it fits, reward them somehow.
  9. Follow UP
    Keep in touch with customers – check if their products or services are OK and provide people who can help them if not. Profit in comes from repeat orders.
  10. Open Your Culture
    Hear what your people are saying – ask them if they are happy – if not, what you can do to help them. Dissatisfied customers come from dissatisfied employees – only you, as the boss can make this better.

5 Simple Actions You Can Take Today!

  • Target three customers a day where you do something unexpectedly positive for them. Next step – find out from your people what they might do in this way.
  • Enable your people to make every possible customer delighted. Turn off the blame and fault buttons in your organisation!
  • Talk to your customers and show real interest – ask them more about what turns them on – be very sincere – checkout Communication
  • Find out what irritates your customers and fix it fast. If you can, let them know.
  • Get to know what is getting in your people’s way from Delighting Customers. Make the changes needed openly and be prepared to make changes in yourself first.

Read some great books like:-

“First Break All the Rules – Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
“Delivering Knock Your Socks off Service” – Ron Zemke
“Customer Centered Growth” – Richard Whiteley & Diane Hessan