Delivering Results

Whatever other activities any manager has, Delivering Results has to be right up there as the current goal, to be your guide.

For if you are not focusing on the right outcomes for your business, you may well fail to get there.

So it is up to you to keep your eye on the ball, focus on outputs and make sure, above all else that, in your tactics and deliberations, day-to-day, you are grounded in that simplest of all questions. ‘Am I Delivering Results today?’

Because, after all, and the counting is done, it’s you who are accountable…

“In life we can have results or reasons. If you are not getting the results you want, your reasons are the lies that you keep telling yourself.”

Harald Anderson

The ‘buck’ really does ‘stop with you’! Feeling lucky? You are – because that is one big release for you, because it makes you job; your role; much, much easier. You have a strict set of parameters to measure your actions by. And that is so crystal clear for you that it saves a lot of time and energy. You know, you have the easiest of jobs!

Top Ten Things About Delivering Results

When you look at those who do the best at this, you will be surprised that, whilst they work hard at it, it is not hard work. Great exponents of Delivering Results make it look just so, so easy. Here are some tips for you.

The best at Delivering Results

  1. Keep it Simple
    Whilst working with a vision, they have a clear step by step plan to get closer to it along the way. Results are steps towards their vision and they are very clear about it.
  2. Test – and Test Again
    Throughout their work, every decision; every challenge; every initiative; is cross-checked against the objective of Delivering Results. If the activity doesn’t fit they don’t do it!
  3. Get Buy In
    Through getting their people involved from the start in the Visioning process, these experts at Delivering Results ensure that everyone is ‘singing from the same hymnsheet’ and the direction is consistent. Everyone pulling together.
  4. Are Very Clear
    And the goals; objectives; milestones; business plans etc; are clear and easy to understand – by everyone in the business.
  5. Communicate Well
    The way in which people find out what’s going on is organised well, with the audience in mind. This is a vital element of Delivering Results, to maintain momentum and focus.
  6. Are Consistent
    Their targets are formed well and communicated so that everyone is ‘on message’. And they stick to it like glue. No distractions get in the way of Delivering Results.
  7. Show Strength
    Yet this focus can be challenging, with all the various distractions, both from within the ‘local’ business and, especially in larger organisations, imposed from above. This can be very frustrating – and the top-line winners either ignore the distractions – or find top quality workarounds. These are star people who can multitask through distractions.
  8. Are Passionate
    Boy, do these folks get excited. You can see it in their briefings, their postings and their day-to-day conversations. They get such a buzz from performance, they infect everyone else with the enthusiasm. They get into sources of success; into causes of underperformance; into the detail. They ‘Manage By Walking About’. They are really nosy!
  9. Have Support
    They are loved so much – they are so very passionate about their business that they have little difficulty in enthusing their people. You see, when the focus on Delivering Results is so clear; so strong; it becomes fun. Everyone gets enthused!
  10. Celebrate Success
    And can they party? They really can! They see Delivering Results as the performance of everyone. All playing their vital part. So  they party and celebrate as one big team – everyone doing their bit. Simply brilliant to belong to.

Ten Ways to be a Better at Delivering Results

  1. Explain Why
    Involve your people in what results are expected and why and how they can help you – don’t underestimate the contribution others can make to overall success.
  2. Make the Link
    Business values = individual values = desired results. They are all linked and consistent. Help your people make that link. Help them see exactly how it all fits together.
  3. Keep in Touch
    Talking to, listening to, responding to, seeking advice and help. All part of making your people feel included. To do this you must build formal and informal ways of engaging them and the best way to do this is your own, personal communication – day-in/day-out.  Normal and informal.
  4. Share Your Excitement
    And when you have successes (and you will!), get like a kid about it! Share your buzz! Let them see you really, really excited about it. Take them with you as you tell them how well they have done!
  5. Ask the Question
    From time to time check for relevance. Do your people know where they are with the results you are demanding? Can they understand the actions they can take? Are they delivering?
  6. Watch for Off-Message
    In the day-to-day work you do, it is very easy to get distracted. Reorganise your team; target a new bunch of clients; start a project. And you need to make sure that where you and your people spend their time, it is value-creating towards your results. In fact this is the best test you can apply – ever.
  7. Check What Works…and…
    When you are delivering exceptional results, find out why and how? Check out how you are successful and do more. Check out where you aren’t and get to the bottom of why. Be very, very objective – especially about people – are they doing what they need to, to deliver your results?.
  8. Reject Obstructions
    Be very focused on what gets in the way of you Delivering Results to the best of your ability. Be it something asked of you by your organisation or a change you think of, watch out for taking your eye of your ball.
  9. Question Upwards
    And if, in your organisation, someone else tries to shove you off the results focus you have, find out why. Push back and challenge. You’d be surprised how ‘Jules in marketing’ has no idea of the workload; the distraction or even the cost of his little project in your division (kinda typical of silos!). So ask the questions you need to – your accountabilities don’t allow the luxury of this.
  10. Reward
    Regularly. Frequently and openly, have a lot of fun when results go your way. Delivering Results is the goal, the measure for you and your people, so jump up and down about it when it goes truly well – as it will!

5 Simple Actions You Can Take Today!

  • In each area you are expected to produce outputs, make sure that you have SMART goals. These are:-
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Timebound
  • Check these against your longer term vision for the business
  • Plan a timeframe to discuss the goals with your key people and cascade down
    to everyone
  • Create, between you, action plans for delivery and along-the-way milestones
    within the agreed
  • Plan to empower your people to find ways, sometimes simple; sometimes extraordinary, to achieve goals in a step-by-step fashion.

Read some great books like:-

“Managing for Results” – Peter F. Drucker
“Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance”” – Lou Gerstner
“Why the Bottom Line ISN’T!: How to Build Value Through People and Organization” – David Ulrich & Norm Smallwood