Leveraging Customer Relationships

Through Leveraging Customer Relationships, you can start having fun and creating extreme success.

By remembering that your customers, in general, want you to succeed, you will be able to work in partnership with them.

Leveraging Customer Relationships is about creating win-win alliances, so that you both get more! And that’s the best of roads to success!

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates

“Do what you do so well, that they willwant to see it again and bring their friends.”

Walt Disney

So, the way to justify Leveraging Customer Relationships is that your customer gets involved in your business and your success and along the way they get a great deal too.

Top Ten Things About Leveraging Customer Relationships

This is about believing that you have great customers and a great team of your own people and together, there are synergistic opportunities to explore.

Research tells us thatevery customer who receives good service tells 4 others. Unfortunately, every customer who receives bad service tells 12 others. So by using your organisation’s Leveraging Customer Relationships skills, you could be ahead of the game.

The best at Leveraging Customer Relationships

  1. Listen Well
    They pay great attention to their customers and clients and seek to provide solutions. They build very supportive two-way relationships.
  2. Get Over It
    And while listening, they listen for fact and leave emotion well out of it. The value is the information and getting all defensive wastes time and energy.
  3. Express Joy
    If you are great at this, you will get really excited about bad news. Hearing the bad news is the good news, because failing and unsuccessful organisations aren’t even listening!
  4. Be Even Nosier!
    Whilst they are listening, they are valuing the feedback byasking more – maximising the opportunity to interact and validating the customer – growing the relationship for the future.
  5. Respond
    There is little value of hearing about the stuff you need to do differently, if you don’t change things. So in responding, great advocates of Leveraging Customer Relationships make the difference – they change things – and take personal feelings out if it. And they tell their customers too. So they will help more and more…and tell their friends too!
  6. Invest the Time
    Only by being where the customers or clients are accessible will this level of detail be accessible. So those who are exceptional at Leveraging Customer Relationships get out there – meet these people who are going to give them so much vital information for the future benefit of their business or organisation.
  7. It’s Not Personal
    By being detached from the information they get these folks truly hear what is being said and they say the right things back. They take the ‘me’ out of it and reflect the issues on their organisation. This decreases the pain and values fact – much more useful.
  8. Get Ahead
    Once these relationships an behaviours become embedded, the places who are best at Leveraging Customer Relationships get real smart. They start to ask up front for feedback. What does this mean? This means they get their customers to speculate with them. They may be new product ideas, for example, so they ask what would work and what wouldn’t. Now that is leveraging!
  9. Energise
    Everyone in this team, this department, this organisation starts to use these tools – getting great stuff from their customers and create a pot-pourri of thinking.
  10. Reward
    True relationships with customers are the ultimate win-win and so by involving and using their inputs, give back too! Then there becomes an upward spiral of mutual growth; customer-staff-business; working together.

Ten Ways to be a Better at Leveraging Customer Relationships

  1. Be Open
    Start hearing what your customers are saying. Truly listen and realise you can benefit if you hear properly.
  2. Create Conversations
    Get out there with your customers. Ask questions, value their input and build great relationships for the future.
  3. Get Past Criticism
    It’s not about you, or your people. The negatives you get are fixable – and sometimes need a deeper consideration of what they mean. So be honest about causes (hint – it will be something to do with you!)
  4. Savour Feedback
    It is a gift for you – relish it! You may wish to let off a little whoop of delight every time you get feedback. It truly is a cause for celebration.
  5. Get Your Team Onboard
    And share your enthusiasm too. Get your people realising that they are not in the wrong – yet they can be a lot more in the right. Be happy about this!
  6. Keep in Touch
    When you have these open and honest conversations with your customers, remember to take contact details and get back to them with outcomes – they will love it! And become an ongoing advocate for you.
  7. See Opportunity
    In days where prices are squeezed,; product distribution is widespread; and services are being shipped overseas, this level of positive, constructive customer relationships is about all you’ve got – it can become your USP.
  8. Share Widely
    Let all of your people know the successes you are having. This creates an upward spiral of involvement – everyone will want their ‘customers’ to be the useful ones!
  9. Keep Smiling
    Hey – have fun with this – respect your customers and be prepared to get involved with them – share a different sort of relationship from the usual adversarial. Smile together:-).
  10. Give Back
    Treat your customers kindly. Encourage feedback and reward them with gifts – be different! They and what’s more you will love it!

5 Simple Actions You Can Take Today!

  • Spend two hours talking with your customers or clients and take their details.
  • Write down 10 things you have learnt, that you didn’t know before, about your business or organisation – if you haven’t found 10, you either aren’t listening hard enough or you need to think deeper. Get help from a business coach!
  • With your team, use time and space to work out how to fix the things you found out. Fast. (PS This is great for Team Building too!)
  • Report back to your customers – even if there is no progress. Don’t overpromise – be honest. If you are, they will respect it.
  • Share successes; what you found; what action you took without doling out blame to the rest of your people. Involve them more and more. Encourage them to fix things for themselves.

Read some great books like:-

“Raving Fans” – Ken Blanchard
“Moments of Truth” – Jan Carlzon
“Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless, Customer Loyalty Is Priceless : How to Make Customers Love You, Keep Them Coming Back and Tell Everyone They Know” – Jeffrey Gitomer