Marketing Your Business

We don’t want to make this too complicated, so Marketing Your Business will stick to simple and easy things for you to do. Why is it here? Because this is around what your people do, to make the most of opportunities.

“Marketing is not an event, but a process. It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely.”

Jay Conrad Levinson

So you can try Marketing Your Business the hard way, or utilise the skills of those people you have around you!

Top Ten Things About Marketing Your Business

Without requiring loads of cash for advertising, there are lots of things you can do Marketing Your Business – and marketing is not just about selling ‘things’ – it’s about visibility and relationships.

To be the best at Marketing Your Business

  1. Are Memorable
    By making sure that you give a wonderful customer experience, people will come back, providing you with repeat business opportunity.
  2. Are Visible
    Within their marketplace (could be a locality, a community or worldwide), people find you easily.
  3. Know Their Customer
    Down to a fine art, great marketers know who is most likely to buy their products or services. And where they hang out – both literally and what they read, watch etc.
  4. Create Relationships
    By creating good personal networks, successful marketers find the right place and the right time. In larger organisations, this can be multiplied a thousand-fold.
  5. Go the Extra Mile
    Part of the memorable experience is the follow through – the follow-up to their experience – free of charge and helpful.
  6. Are Available
    Potential customers can find you, when they want to, always around.
  7. Provide Solutions
    Whether it’s likely to produce a sale or not, great marketers are attractive because of their enthusiasm to provide useful outcomes for their potential customers. Sometimes this will not produce a sale!
  8. Help Others
    Within a wider business community they are good at both networking and giving support and help where they can. By being resourceful and approachable they generate goodwill.
  9. Are Without Outcome
    Genuinely seeking the very best solution for their potential customer, they are just as happy if a customer declines an initial sale.
  10. Show Integrity
    They maintain their integrity. Their honesty, their trust. Whilst they may be very focused business-folk, they are true to others and themselves.

Ten Ways to be Better at Marketing Your Business

  1. Know Your Market
    By appreciating the needs of your potential customers you can be one step ahead and be ready to offer more than expected. You can focus effort at winning opportunities.
  2. Get Out More
    Whether in formal or casual settings, by being out there, you will have a greater opportunities for Marketing Your Business – even if you do not have anything to sell, the community may have other benefits to offer.
  3. Seek Win-Win Outcomes
    Whatever your market, the ‘sell it and run’ merchant has little to gain. The best and most profitable results are where everyone’s a winner.
  4. Free Advertising
    By showing that you have community spirit and taking responsibility for your part in that, you will generate goodwill. Do positive things, be out there and get yourself seen.
  5. Understand Your Calendar
    Whatever your business or organisation, you will have peaks and troughs of demand during the year. So gear up your resources and products appropriately.
  6. Build Relationships
    When you do interact with customers, make sure that you create strong and enduring relationships with them – by being their friend, you will benefit. If not today, then in the future.
  7. Act the Part
    Work together with all of your people to ensure that they are very comfortable as the ‘face’ of the organisation. Your people will make or break your marketing and hence your business. They are actors playing a marketing part on your stage.
  8. Think Ahead
    You may be able to offer products and services before their time. Some customers might not be aware they need you! This is a great win-win because you are solving their problems before they realise they have them!
  9. Respond
    By responding to the marketplace as quickly as you can you generate not only immediate business, but also a perception from your customers that your organisation is the place to be.
  10. Get Creative
    You can market your business by having fun; being different; even being newsworthy. This is an ongoing effort (as Jay Conrad Levinson says above). It is a culture which once you start, will reap rich rewards for you, your people and your business.

5 Simple Actions You Can Take Today!

  • With your team, work out who the key, or most profitable, or alternative markets are, for your products or services.
  • Look at what you offer – how attractive is it to your key market. Score yourselves out of 10 now and ask, ‘What would a score of three more look like – what need we do?’
  • Set out a creative response plan to move yourselves forward.
  • Get your people involved in Marketing Your Business – they will have more ideas than you – be sensitive to their time demands – create the space to grow. Invest the time.
  • Measure all activities on the following question, ‘Is this value-creating?’ Be aware some may require investments of time and a little money for longer-term growth opportunities.
  • One more! Make it fun as well – there are great opportunities to enhance the work experience of your people here.

Read some great books like:-

“Selling with Integrity” – Sharon Drew Morgan
“Guerrilla Marketing” – Jay Conrad Levinson
“Successful Marketing in a Week” – Eric Davies, Barry Davies
“How to Drive Your Competition Crazy” – Guy Kawasaki